Full and Partial Dentures

When you lose multiple teeth, your quality of life becomes compromised because you can’t chew, eat, and enjoy your food. Gaps in your smile might also cause you to feel self-conscious.

Dentures are an excellent solution for patients living with tooth loss, but you may be worried about the look, fit and feel of wearing dentures.

We customize today’s modern dentures with your skin tone, facial structure, and functional needs in mind. This means that your appliance will provide you with a better fit, enhanced function, and more natural aesthetics than ever before. 

Here are some of our custom solutions for multiple missing teeth.

Partial Dentures in Kingsland

Perhaps you are missing multiple teeth but still have many healthy teeth remaining? Then, a partial denture is a great solution for you.

A partial denture uses clasps that anchor to remaining teeth to stay in place. Then, the natural-looking prosthetic teeth are added to the appliance to fill in the gaps in your smile and provide the function you need for proper chewing and eating once again.

A partial is typically a removable appliance you will take out at night to clean.

Full Dentures in Kingsland

Complete dentures are designed to take the place of an entire arch of teeth. The key to their success is an impeccable fit, which provides function so you can comfortably chew and eat your food. Natural aesthetics that complement your skin tone and complete your facial structure are the final component of successful removable dentures.

Dr. Lassiter uses the Turbyfill technique when creating dentures for his patients. Dr. Jack Turbyfill developed this technique and used temporary dentures to design the look and fit of your final dentures, eliminating problems with speaking or eating ahead of time.

Patients wear their provisional dentures for several weeks, while Dr. Lassiter monitors and adjusts them to create a secure and stable fit providing the utmost function. The Turbyfill technique ensures that our patients enjoy the best possible outcomes with their dentures.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dr. Lassiter can also use dental implants to support dentures, which provide exceptional stability for eating, chewing, and speaking. Dental implants also protect against the bone loss that often accompanies traditional dentures that rely on a snug fit against the jawbone to stay in place.

Implant-Assisted Dentures

Implant-assisted dentures use dental implants to secure them and provide excellent function for chewing and eating. They are also removable, so you can easily clean and maintain them.

Implant-Secured Dentures

Implant secured dentures also called “all-on-four” dentures, use four strategically placed dental implants to hold your denture in place. This denture is not removable and stays in place permanently to help you eat and chew with ease.

Learn More About Dentures in Kingsland, GA

If you’re considering dentures in Kingsland, Dr. Lassiter would love to speak with you about your options. With his extensive training and expertise, he’s helped hundreds of patients reclaim their smiles and their confidence after suffering from tooth loss.