Crowns and Bridges

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, and our teeth can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, due to normal daily activities like eating and chewing, teeth grinding, aging, and other things we experience just through the process of living, you may at some point encounter tooth decay, damage, or even loss.

When this happens, Dr. Lassiter and his team are prepared to restore your teeth with restorations like dental crowns or bridges. 

When You Might Need a Dental Crown in Kingsland

Crowns fit over compromised teeth like a “cap.” Your customized crown replaces your entire tooth structure with ceramic porcelain that closely mimics your natural tooth and protects your root and remaining tooth structure underneath.

Your crown fits down to the gumline and provides excellent durability, so you can eat and chew with ease. It also seamlessly complements your smile because Dr. Lassiter can customize the shade of the porcelain to blend in with your natural teeth. 

Dr. Lassiter may recommend a dental crown in these situations:

  • To restore a tooth with an old filling that is too large to replace with another filling
  • For strengthening a tooth that’s had root canal treatment
  • To protect a tooth that’s decayed, cracked, or fractured beyond what a filling can repair
  • As a single-tooth restoration for a dental implant
  • To cover a misshapen or discolored tooth

Dental crowns in Kingsland give you the durability and function you need while providing the beautiful aesthetics you want.

When You Might Need a Dental Bridge in Kingsland

Bridges are a solution for tooth replacement that uses three or more connected crowns. Dental crowns anchor to your healthy teeth while supporting prosthetic teeth in between.

Dental bridges can be a tooth replacement solution for patients who aren’t candidates for dental implants. A bridge replaces your missing tooth and restores your smile, preventing neighboring teeth from drifting and causing bite misalignment.

Completing a Dental Bridge or Crown

The process for completing a crown or bridge is similar. You’ll need two appointments with Dr. Lassiter.

During the first visit, he’ll get your tooth prepared for its new crown and make you a temporary one to wear while a renowned dental lab handcrafts your new bridge or crown. This process may take two to three weeks.

When your restoration is ready, you’ll return to our Kingsland dental office to have it permanently placed. Dr. Lassiter makes any necessary adjustments at this time to ensure that your bite functions properly with your new restoration.

Dr. Lassiter works with only the best dental labs to make certain you’ll enjoy high-quality dental crowns and bridges for years to come. In addition, he uses his advanced training to ensure that you have the best function to protect your jaw and make eating and chewing comfortable.

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