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James Lassiter, DMD

Kingsland GA Dentist Dr. James LassiterDr. James Lassiter is a family dentist in Kingsland, Georgia. His passion is for helping patients achieve optimal quality of life through better dental health.

Family dentistry has been the foundation of Dr. Lassiter’s practice since the beginning. As his career has advanced, he has developed a keen interest in comprehensive dentistry and helping adult patients with complex dental needs.

“I’ve seen first hand the negative health impacts that develop as a result of poor dental care. When people lose the ability to chew food and absorb nutrients, their health can decline rapidly. It is deeply satisfying to help patients restore not just their smile, but their overall health and sense of confidence through comprehensive dentistry.” – Kingsland Dentist, Dr. James Lassiter

Dr. Lassiter enjoys treating children as well as adults. He offers a full range of pediatric and general dentistry services, along with advanced restorative and cosmetic treatments including dental implants, dentures and full mouth rehabilitation.

What Do You Want From The Dentist?

Some people are just looking for a local dentist. But many people want to find a dentist who can provide them with high quality care, compassion and respect. In our office, we strive to develop personal relationships with our patients. Dr. Lassiter is devoted to continuing education and has worked to master the latest cosmetic and restorative dentistry techniques.

Professional Training & Dental Credentials

Not all dentists seek the same level of training. For Dr. Lassiter, education didn’t end in dental school. He has pursued many hours of post-graduate training. These investments allow us to provide the highest quality dental care and best service possible.

  • University of Georgia: Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology
  • Medical College of Georgia: Doctorate of Medical Dentistry
  • Turbyfill Seminars: Post-graduate training in complete dentures
  • Kois Center: Post-graduate training in esthetic and restorative dentistry
  • Misch Implant Institute: Post-graduate training in implant dentistry

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Personal Biography

Dr. Lassiter is a Georgia native. From a young age, he was interested in math and science and enjoyed working with his hands. Knowing he wanted a career in health care, Dr. Lassiter chose dentistry as a way to combine his interests and skills. Dr. Lassiter enjoys practicing comprehensive dentistry and he considers his office staff and patients to be like extended family members.

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Lassiter spends time reading and cooking. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys diving, fishing and hunting, often with his dog by his side.

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