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How often should I visit my dentist in Kingsland?

Most healthy patients can plan to visit their dentist every six months for bi-annual teeth cleanings and checkups. These visits are a critical component in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

Dr. Lassiter will screen you for problems like tooth decay and gum disease during your examination. When you're aware of these problems as early as possible, you have more treatment options available to you that are less expensive and not as complicated.

Your hygienist removes the plaque and bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and gum disease from hard-to-reach places you might've missed at home. 

For patients managing gum disease, Dr. Lassiter may recommend additional teeth cleanings throughout the year to help them maintain their good dental health.

Unfortunately, there's no cure for advanced gum disease or periodontitis. But we can help you successfully manage your condition and keep your symptoms under control.

We want to be your partners in optimum oral health at Lassiter Family Dentistry. When you commit to routine dental care, you're also protecting your overall well-being.

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