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Dr. James Lassiter provides comprehensive restorative services for patients with missing teeth, including all types of dentures. A highly trained and experienced dentist in Kingsland, GA, Dr. Lassiter can help you to decide which option is best suited to your oral health needs, cosmetic goals and budget.

A recent patient’s testimonial:
I just want to say that I love my dentures. My dentures fit great and I don’t even use adhesive. More important than that is the way that I was treated here. I was treated like I mattered. The way that the office tried to help today was like I wasn’t imposing. It’s hard to convey the way Dr. Lassiter made me feel. The way all of the staff in the office took care of me. Even when I called and spoke to them on the phone. I just want them to them know that they are my angels. Dr. Lassiter’s assistant Jasmine even stayed after so I wouldn’t have to make another trip down from Brunswick. Dr. Lassiter, Diamond, Jasmine and Sarah a big Thank You for the way that each of you helped me.Ann

Dentures in Kingsland, GA

Depending on your personal oral health, cosmetic dentistry goals, and budget Dr. Lassiter offers different types of dentures for replacing missing teeth. The denture type you receive will depend on the number of teeth lost and the state of your oral health. Dr. Lassiter will help you build a comprehensive treatment plan that will restore your oral health and create a beautiful and functional smile.

  • Partial Denture
  • Full Denture
  • Implant Assisted Denture
  • Implant-secured Denture or “All-on-four”

We have denture options for a range of budgets. The use of dental implants can increase the comfort and usability of your dentures. Fixed hybrid implant secured dentures restore almost 90% of your natural chewing ability and can greatly increase your quality of life. Dental implants provide the security and confidence that your dentures will not slip while speaking or eating and are highly durable and comfortable. Implant supported dentures create a more stable oral foundation that can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene.

With modern dental technology the look, feel and fit of dentures has improved drastically. If you are suffering with a denture that no longer fits or has become uncomfortable, Dr. Lassiter can evaluate your appliance, your dental health and provide options for replacement or repair. Ill fitting dentures can cause additional oral health problems and even speed up bone loss in the jaw.

Restoring your smile with a new denture can improve your daily quality of life – an improved diet and renewed confidence in your appearance will benefit all aspects of your overall health and well being.

Schedule A Consultation with Dr. Lassiter

To learn more about how dentures can restore your dental health, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lassiter. He will provide a comprehensive exam, discussion of your concerns and goals and presentation of the most suitable replacement options for your unique needs. Contact our Kingsland dentist office or use our online request form and we will contact you shortly.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is ideal for replacing several consecutive missing teeth. Dr. Lassiter will prepare the surrounding teeth to ensure that they are healthy and stable. A custom-fit partial denture will be fabricated to color match your natural teeth. A partial denture can be removed for cleaning and convience. Partial dentures are a cost effective treatment for replacing lost teeth.



The Turbyfill Technique

Dr. Lassiter uses the Turbyfill technique when placing removable dentures for a result that is comfortable, functional and reduces the common problems associated with wearing this type of denture: sore gums, difficulty speaking or chewing, an uncomfortable bite.

Training Dentures For Optimal Fit

IMG_4196Developed by Jack Turbyfill, DDS, this highly successful technique has helped many patients with uncomfortable, ill fitting dentures to improve their oral health and daily quality of life. The key component of the Turbyfill technique is the use of a temporary, provisional denture which is used to identify problems with fit or function. These issues can be addressed in the fabrication of the final custom denture for a result that feels secure and comfortable.

3 Steps to Full Dentures

  • Functional impressions: Dr. Lassiter will take a series impressions to be used in creating the “try-on” denture at your initial visit.
  • Provisional denture: your temporary denture will be worn for several weeks, creating a new set of impressions that indicate spots that need adjusting in the final restoration for a comfortable fit.
  • Placement of final denture: using the temporary denture as a guide, your final denture will be created with adjustments that will ensure better occlusion, less discomfort and lasting function.

Using this proven technique, the patient below received a custom top denture with metal occlusion. This is added to reduce the inevitable wear and tear that occurs during the natural biting process when a denture meets the natural teeth. Although porcelain is an option, metal serves the same purpose, is more economical and will not be visible when smiling as evidenced below.

custom dentures kingsland gacustom denture after photo kingsland ga

Implant Assisted Denture

Implant assisted dentures can restore nearly 50% of your natural chewing function improving your confidence and quality of life. Dental implants are used to secure your custom designed denture. Implant assisted dentures are removable for cleaning and convenience.

Implant assisted dentures are an more economical alternative to implant secured dentures but offer some of the same long term benefits. Implants help to support the jaw bone by acting as a synthetic root system. The implants will help deter premature recession of the jaw line and can help to prevent the development of other advanced dental concerns associated with missing teeth.

All On Four

Full dentures that are secured by implants are commonly known as “all-on-four”, referencing the four strategically placed dental implants used to hold the denture firmly in place. With this technique, patients can leave the same day with a temporary, functional denture in place. In about 3 months, once the bone has healed sufficiently, the final restoration will be permanently secured.

Dr. Lassiter places all-on-four dentures in his Kingsland dentist office for patients needing to replace either the top or bottom arch of teeth- or both.

Benefits of Implant Secured Dentures

    • Secure, comfortable fit: no fear of slippage
    • Bone retention: the titanium post acts like a tooth root and helps stimulate healthy bone cell growth
    • Better speech: a fixed appliance allows normal speech patterns due to the secure fit
    • No dietary restrictions: no need to be concerned about the ability to chew efficiently
    • No daily maintenance required

The fixed hybrid denture below was custom matched to the patient’s natural gum tissue and teeth and will be secured with strategically placed dental implants for complete function without daily maintenance.

fixed hybrid denture kingsland gafixed hybrid denture dr. lassiter kingsland ga

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