7 Signs You Need to See the Dentist

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“I hate going to the dentist.”

“I’m afraid to go to the dentist.”

“It’s going to hurt.” 

We’ve all heard those excuses or maybe even used them ourselves. But good oral hygiene is essential to our health. Dr. James Joel Lassiter and his team at Lassiter Family Dentistry in Kingsland, GA is a full service dentistry office offering comprehensive dental care from routine office visits to complex dental issues. Here are 7 signs you should schedule a visit to your dentist. 

1. How Long has it Really Been?

Having a dental exam every six months allows the dentist to check for cavities, remove plaque with a thorough cleaning and to clear up any minor issues before they become major ones. If it has been more than six months, please schedule an appointment. Dr. Lassiter and his staff are here to help.

2. Check Engine Light:  Pain

Pain is the “check engine light” of the body. Pain in the mouth is not normal and it is a signal that there may be a problem brewing in your teeth, gums or jaw bone. Dental pain should not be ignored. Left untreated these dental problems could lead to problems in other parts of the body.

3. Bad Breath?

Advanced tooth decay is a leading cause of persistent bad breath. If you have bad breath that  doesn’t seem to go away after brushing and flossing, you may be suffering from advanced tooth decay. Bacteria in the mouth produce foul-smelling acids leading to bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth. No treated early, tooth decay can lead to gingivitis, infection, and tooth loss.

4. Tingling and Sensitivity

Few of us escape life without a cavity but with good oral hygiene many more can be prevented. If you are experiencing sensitivity to sweets or temperature to foods, this could indicate that a cavity is forming. Another indication that a cavity could be forming is tingling and sensitivity with brushing your teeth. See a dentist if you are experiencing any of these signs.

5. Discoloration of your Smile

Teeth can yellow naturally over time due to pigmentation in our foods. But if you have yellow deposits along the gum line or your teeth are significantly discolored, it’s time to see a dentist. For some dental conditions, the yellowing of teeth is an indication of a problem. If there are yellow deposits along the gums, you could have hardened plaque that needs to be removed professionally to avoid tooth decay.

6. Cosmetic Dentistry Questions

Cosmetic dentistry: is it right for you? Do you have questions about fixing crooked teeth, implants, teeth whitening options, even dentures? Your dentist can speak to you regarding your cosmetic goals and design a personalized plan to treat any concerns and give you your smile back.

7. Missing Teeth? 

Not all tooth loss is the result of poor hygiene. Perhaps you were in an accident or maybe you suffered a sports injury. Whatever the cause, you and your dentist can explore the options to restore your smile including implants, dentures and bridges.

Kingsland, GA Dental Care

If you are in need of comprehensive, experienced and affordable dental care, look no further. Dr. Lasssiter and his team at Kingsland Family Dental Care are here to help. They can provide customized treatments for your unique situation. Call today at 912-208-2565 or request an appointment online.

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