How to Choose Your Implant Dentist

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Dental implant procedures require a dentist with a high level of skill and experience to perform them correctly. Some dental implant dentists may only diagnose and coordinate the placement of the implant, while an oral surgeon actually implants the replacement tooth. In either case, it is important to carefully choose your dental implant dentist.

When a dental implant is placed by a knowledgeable and skilled professional like Dr. Mark Lassiter of Lassiter Family Dentistry in Kingsland, GA and followed up by regular check-ups and excellent oral hygiene, your implant can last a lifetime.

Choosing A Dental Implant Dentist: Where to Start

When making such an important investment in the future of your smile, you’ll want to be sure you are working with an implant dentist you can really trust. The placement of dental implants is not considered a dental specialty of its’ own; so when choosing a dentist to perform your implant procedure it is important to do a bit of research about their experience with implant dentistry.

When searching for a dental implant dentist, consider the following:

  • How long has the dentist been performing dental implant procedures?
  • How much additional training has the dentist had in implant dentistry?
  • How many previous dental implant patients have been installed successfully?
  • How long will the entire procedure take?
  • Does the dental implant dentist have high ratings and positive reviews on patient review sites?

Along with the questions above, it is important to consider whether your dental implant provider seems willing to listen to your needs and opinions. He or she should be willing take the time to explain the options and the procedure to you in terms you can understand so that you can actively participate in the treatment decisions.

Dental Implant Dentist in Kingsland, GA

Fortunately for patients desiring implants in the Kingsland area, Dr. Lassiter of Lassiter Family Dental Care proudly performs dental implant procedures. Dr. Lassiter’s patients can have the smile they want working with a caring and experienced professional dentist with many years experience performing dental implant procedures. 

For a consultation with Dr. Lassiter to see if implants are the right step for you and for you to decide that Lassiter Family Dental Care is the practice you can trust with your smile, call (912) 576-4011 or schedule online.

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